Dog Attacks

It is an offence for a dog to charge, rush at or chase a person, a moving vehicle or bicycle.

Further, if a dog bites, menaces or harrasses a person or another animal it is classed as an attack.

Council may issue Infringement Notices for some dog attack offences however, major incidences may be prosecuted through the Court system, resulting in maximum fines of up to $2,600 per offence.  In addition, the Court may order the owner of the dog to pay compensation for damage/costs and also order that the dog be destroyed.

Council can also take action against a dog owner if their dog creates a nuisance in accordance with Section 46 of the Act. In this regard, 46(3) “A dog is a nuisance if –
(a) it behaves in a manner that is injurious or dangerous to the health of any person;

Council has the power to declare a dog to be a dangerous dog in accordance with Section 29 of the Dog Control Act 2000.  Information and requirements for keeping a 'Dangerous Dog' can be obtained from the Department of Premier and Cabinet.   

Department of Premier and Cabinet