Virtuosi Tasmania

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Established in 1992, by the late Stephen Martin, Virtuosi Tasmania intended to gather the casual chamber music activity of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra into regular concert series.

Since then, Virtuosi Tasmania has presented chamber music concerts performed by members of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and other fine Tasmanian musicians in diverse ensembles from every section of the Orchestra, percussion duos, string and wind groups, all the way through to a very popular tuba quartet.

Concerts are presented through the year in unusual and interesting locations throughout Tasmania, including stately heritage homes, shearing sheds, apple sheds, limestone caves, vineyards and galleries.

Chamber music is an integral part of any fine orchestra. It is the place where members of the orchestra can express their individuality in a way that is often impossible when they are but one voice in the large orchestral machine.

 “Virtuosi Tasmania is delighted with the musical management and direction now given by pianist, Jennifer Marten-Smith. Our program for 2017 will span from light opera, Mozart’s Impressario, to Stravinsky’s The SoldiersTale and will continue to bring these programs across regional Tasmania.”


Event Details

  • WhereBurnie Arts & Function Centre - Burnie Regional Art Gallery
  • When 10 September 
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