Shenanigan's Wake

Friday, 12 July 2019

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Dinner - Theatre

Seamus Shenanigan has recently died - the most likely cause being liver failure. 
It was his wish that ‘his mates from the boozer’ should send him on his way in a manner that befitted his life. 
This wake is a most suitable send off. His ‘boozer mates’ by the way, is the audience. Surprise! If only they knew!

 Shenanigan's Wake was written as a pub-theatre/theatre-restaurant production by Daryl Peebles.   Like Jack Hibberd's Dimboola, it examines an Australian celebration - this one imported with the masses of Irish immigrants who have been gravitating to these shores since the First Fleet.

 That celebration is, of course, the wake.  Expect lots of laughter, lots of singing ... oh .. and of course, lots of booze. 

 PS If it looks like Jamesons Whiskey, smells like Jamesons Whiskey and tastes like Jamesons Whisky, it’s bound to be .....

Presented by John X


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