Wednesday, 25 July 2018 to Saturday, 28 July 2018

Godspell 2018


Hellyer College is proud to present the popular rock musical, GODSPELL.

GODSPELL came to life originally as a US college production in 1971 and was a massive hit in Australia soon after. Its appealing and somewhat controversial nature has attracted audiences all over the world and in 2011 it was further contemporised for a Broadway revival. Hellyer College’s production is based on this revival and will see the musical enthusiastically performed by 23 players and a zappy 12-piece orchestra.

GODSPELL is not just a musical about Jesus, or a religious lesson. Based on the Gospel of Matthew, the musical uses parables or stories to educate the followers of Jesus about what it means to understand, share, and ultimately live out a life as a community of believers. It is a musical about changing from being an individual to joining with others to become totally other-regarding.

GODSPELL is totally engaging with plenty of fun to be had by players and audience alike. The award-winning music of Stephen Schwartz (of WICKED, and PIPPIN fame) ranges from pop, and folk rock, to gospel, and vaudeville. Much of GODSPELL is light-hearted, comical, and fast-paced as we move from one parable to another as Jesus seeks to teach his followers what it means to lead an ‘other-centred’ life and why. Interspersed are moments of peace, quiet reflection, and sadness.

GODSPELL is a timeless musical suitable for all ages. Hellyer College’s version will make your heart sing, your toes tap, and your soul smile. Now that is Good News!

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