Romaine Reserve - Dam Upgrade Works - Update

Work on the spillway upgrades are now complete. However, as a result of technical issues associated with the relocation of the large water mains that run through the dam embankment, earthworks to complete the dam wall raising will be delayed until after winter, with works expected to resume in October/November 2017. In the interim, works will continue with the relocation of the water mains, weather dependent.

Over the next two weeks, a pedestrian footbridge and earth fill adjacent to the spillway will be installed to reinstate footpath circulation around the dam over the winter period - so we can get all the regular Romaine Reserve users 'back on track'.

The recent rains have resulted in the temporary car park off Cypress Court becoming very boggy, so to counteract this Council will place gravel in this area to provide all-weather access through the winter period.

The aim is to have the project complete, including reinstatement of the BBQs and playground before Christmas, weather dependent. Council is very mindful of the disruption this project is causing reserve users and we appreciate your patience. As the project progresses every opportunity will be taken to minimise the impact on the community.

romaine dam.JPG