Romaine Dam Update - Reservior Lowering

Romaine Dam

Romaine Dam

The existing Dam wall has been identified as being constructed of various materials, some of which were not particularly suited for Dam building purposes in the past.

There is a need to remove existing materials that have been identified as unsuitable, located on the downstream face of the dam wall, to provide a firm foundation for the dam and planned crest raising works.

To ensure that this work can be undertaken safely and maintain dam integrity during the works, the dam water level needs to be lowered to prevent seepage through the existing wall during construction.

It is likely that the reservoir will need to be almost fully drained to allow for the works to proceed.

Government agencies, including DPIPWE and Inland Fisheries Service, have been consulted with and are aware of the lower water levels. 

The water level lowering will commence toward the end of this week in readiness for the deep excavation works next week. It is expected that the water level will be low for a 2-3 week period.