Queen Street Upgrade - William to Olive Streets

As part of the 2018/19 capital works program, Council will start work on the upgrade of Queen Street between William Street and Olive Street early this week. The objective of the project is to renew aging infrastructure and to reduce vehicle speed and noise by implementing traffic calming treatments and a streetscape to compliment the heritage of the area. Council undertook consultation sessions with the local community in August last year to ensure the design elements proposed meet the project objectives and expectations of residents and businesses in the area. As construction progress, project updates will be provided.

Traffic calming will include a Raised Safety Platform (RSP) at the intersection with Wilmot Street, narrower 3.1 m wide travel lanes and a V drain each side of the road that separates the carparks from the travel lanes.

The RSP will be at the same level as the top of the existing kerb so as to create approach and departure ramps to slow vehicles.

The asphalt surface of the RSP and carparks will be coloured printed asphalt and landscape elements include a garden wall at the RSP and low shrubs at the ends of parking bays and at kerb outstands.

Project Details

Expected Completion date: prior to Easter 2019

Project Type: Urban Road Upgrade

Project value: $500,000

Constructor name: Burnie City Council

Location: Queen Street

Contact details: Alec Walsh, Design and Projects Co-ordinator