New Parking Machines - Frequently Asked Questions

Burnie City Council has introduced a new parking meter voucher system at various locations throughout the city. To help the public understand the new machines, we've put together some Frequently Asked Questions.

Why have Council switched to a voucher system?
Council has made a continuing commitment to upgrade the city’s parking equipment and install technology that reduces maintenance and operating costs. The equipment that has been replaced is no longer manufactured and replacement parts are no longer stocked or supplied.

Drivers will now have evidence of payment of the applicable parking fee – it is like a receipt.

The vouchers eliminate confusion regarding parking bay selection – you can’t accidentally pay for someone else’s car park!

How does the machine work?
Step 1 – Insert your coins to pay for the time you need (time is displayed on a digital clock).

Step 2 – Press the green button to get your voucher

Step 3 – Display your voucher on the dashboard of your car

How much does it cost?
$1.70 per hour, or part there of. Only pay for the time you need!

There is still time left on my voucher – can I use it anywhere else?
Yes! Your voucher can be used at other on-street meters. However, vouchers from street meters cannot be used within off-street car parks, and likewise car park vouchers cannot be used on street meters.

Can I top up my voucher if I need more time?
Yes! Just display the additional time paid for next to your original voucher – but be mindful of the meter time limit.