Have you seen something that needs fixing?

If you see something in the Burnie region that needs fixing or needs to made aware of to the Burnie City Council, like a broken gutter, or rubbish on roads - and you have an Iphone or Android, why not contact us by using Snap Send Solve!

SnapSendSolve - Report to council with your iPhone or Android smartphone

What is Snap Send Solve?

Snap Send Solve is a free app for your iPhone or Android device that lets you report issues and provide feedback to your local council in under 30 seconds Australia wide.

How Snap Send Solve Works

Snap Send Solve determines your council using your smartphone’s GPS location.

Once your GPS location has been determined the server sends back all relevant council details, including contact information, location, and email contact.

Snap Send Solve allows you to easily capture and report on common issues including Litter, Hard waste, Parking, Street Cleaning, Trees, Noise, and also provide a general request or general feedback.

All reports from Snap Send Solve are sent from the app using your email address so that the Burnie City Council can communicate directly with you to fix the issue.