Fern Glade Road Upgrade and Pathway – Stage 2

Fern Glade Road Upgrade.JPG

Fern Glade Road Upgrade.JPG

As part of the 2018/19 capital works program, Council will start work on Stage 2 of the Fern Glade Road Upgrade and Pathway between Wattle Avenue and the Emu River Bridge in February. The objective of the project is to extend the existing Shared Pathway from Wattle Avenue into Fernglade Reserve, renew the existing road seal and improve driveability and safety.

Works will include:

  • Continue the existing Shared Pathway from Wattle Avenue to the Emu River Bridge
  • Remove the existing seal, regrade the road and improve drivability followed by a new seal.

  • Replacing the safety barrier on the eastern side of the road and extending it.

  • Regrading and sealing the car parking area opposite Wattle Avenue and delineating the pathway across the new seal.

The Shared Pathway alignment will follow the road, protected by a new safety barrier, for a short distance, cross the existing small gully as a raised timber boardwalk (similar to Stage 1) and continue along the alignment of the existing gravel track above the road embankment through to the Emu River Bridge.

Project type: Urban Road Upgrade

Project value: $450,000

Contractor name: Hardings Hotmix

Proposed Start Date: 18 February 2019 

Expected Completion Date: 18 April 2019