Update on Flood Damage

Debris at the Fernglade Bridge

Debris at the Fernglade Bridge

The cleanup is continuing in the Burnie region after heavy rain last week caused flood damage in some areas.

Key areas in the Burnie region affected by the heavy rain fall include Fernglade, Ridgley and Upper Natone.

Fernglade Reserve is currently closed and is expected to be re-opened next week upon review. Debris carried down the river combined with the heavy rain fall has caused damage to the platypus viewing platform, several picnic tables and damage to two electrical barbeques.

Mayor Alvwyn Boyd said, “Council workers are currently repairing the reserve area. To ensure the safety of reserve users the area must be closed until declared safe. The reserve will be re-opened again as soon as possible so that it can again be enjoyed for the lovely spot it is.”

The Fernglade Bridge on Fernglade Road is also closed due to a large amount of debris piled up at the bridge causing damage to the abutment. Currently Council is repairing the abutment and removing the log jam.

It is expected to be able to restore traffic to Fernglade Road by late Friday 21 January for light vehicles only with a permanent restriction of a 10 tonne load. Large vehicles can access this area via Stowport Road.

West Ridgley Road has now been re-opened to two way traffic flow.

“There are still some current works on West Ridgley Road, so road users should take care in this area and obey all signage. These works are expected to be complete in the next two weeks,” Mayor Boyd said.

Upper Natone Road has received the most extensive damage. Council are working to establish a one way traffic flow for light vehicles less than five tonne by midday Friday 21 January. This will remain in place for the foreseeable future. Council will continue to prepare for a long term repair option.

Council is also conducting a thorough review of the creek in the Cooee area, particularly where it broke its banks on private land.

“Council will research into commissioning a flood study to focus on the management of the creek in the future. There has been minimal structural damage in this area due to the floods, however the creek is close to many residential buildings and is causing some concern to residents. This will be a focus in the coming months,” he said.

Residents in affected areas are encouraged to contact the Council offices for updates on when the affected areas are likely to be re-opened.

Flood damage in the Burnie region is expected to cost in excess of $2 Million.

For further information please contact

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Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
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