Town and gown brings higher education into the heart of the city

The North West community will have the chance to celebrate the achievements of their local students as they witness the stream of gowns and caps in Burnie’s first Town and Gown procession city this Tuesday, 9 December 2014.

The procession is strongly supported by the Burnie City Council as a symbol of the importance of continuing links between the University of Tasmania and the region.

University of Tasmania Vice-Chancellor Peter Rathjen said the Town and Gown parade provided an opportunity for the North West community to acknowledge the efforts of local students.

“The Town and Gown procession will be a highlight for graduates and a chance to showcase the strengthening bond between the University and the North West community,” Professor Rathjen said.

Mayor Anita Dow said she was privileged to be part of the first Cradle Coast Town and Gown procession.

“The procession will be a very special and proud moment for all graduates and their family and friends,” Mayor Dow said.

“The procession represents the growth of the university in our region and the amount of people taking up the opportunity to study at a tertiary level. I encourage you to support the graduates as they proudly walk through our city.”

Professor Rathjen said that the Town and Gown procession provides a visual reminder of the opportunities afforded to local residents by having a local campus.

“The local community will be aware of the first stage of works that are well underway on the West Park site, providing another visual reminder of the University’s commitment to the region,” Professor Rathjen said.

“Works are progressing well on the West Park site and we look forward to the completion of the accommodation and teaching facilities on the site for Semester 1 in 2015.”

The University hopes to offer at least two new courses from the site in 2015 including the Bachelor of Health and Associate Degree in Engineering Pathway.

“We are very excited to be able to extend our educational offerings in the North West whilst supporting the existing tourism and creative arts focus of the Makers’ Workshop,” Professor Rathjen said.

Representatives of the University of Tasmania and Burnie Aldermen recently met specifically to update the newest members of Council of the project at West Park and the university’s vision for the site.

The University of Tasmania and the Burnie City Council have formalised a quarterly meeting to allow regular updates as the West Park project progresses into the future.

“We are keen to work with the Council and community on developing a new site master plan to ensure that West Park becomes a valuable regional resource, supporting a range of community values,” Professor Rathjen said.

The West Park site master planning process is scheduled to commence in early 2015.

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