Ten new Makers at workshop

PHOTO: by Mat Moore

PHOTO: by Mat Moore

Ten new artists will be creating Tasmanian made products from the Makers’ Workshop.

The Makers’ Workshop is a place that honours Burnie’s history, makers, innovators and artists. It includes the visitor information centre, a café, gallery and gift shop, a paper making workshop, interpretative displays and working artists.

Burnie City Council Tourism and Marketing Manager Jenny Cox said, “There are a total of nine studios for our Makers on site to create their art. When visiting the Makers’ Workshop you are encouraged to meet the Makers and have a conversation about what they are making.

“It’s one thing to buy something Tasmanian made, but to see who is making it and how they have created it is another. You appreciate it more. It becomes a once off special handmade item.”
Items made by the Makers are sold in the Makers’ Workshop gift shop.

“It’s wonderful to be able to give our local artists a place to work and an opportunity to showcase their work to the public. They volunteer their time to work at the Makers’ Workshop for the opportunity to showcase their work.

“We have Makers who find creating pieces in the studios the best place to work. The lighting is perfect. Being an artist can often be a lonely profession. The Makers’ Workshop gives artists a creative and social space to work in.

“We have been surveying our visitors to the Makers’ Workshop about their experience in the centre and how we could improve. One main comment was the enjoyment they get from watching the Makers in action.

“We wanted from that feedback to have more Makers involved so that in most cases there will hopefully be someone creating something special in the studios every time you visit.

“We have now discovered an extra ten Makers to showcase their work in the gift shop and in the studios including a dolly maker, woodcut printer, acrylic painter, glass painter, jewellery maker and more.

"With the ten extra Makers there is now 33 Makers creating Tasmanian made products and a place to both purchase and see how they are made. In total we have work from 105 Tasmanian makers and suppliers," she said.

Jenny Neal (jewellery), Jaclyn Poke (paper jewellery), Lesley Collins (pyrography), Ray Hill (wood turner), Gail May (painter), Stephen Wilson (illustrator and painter), Helene Baird (glass painter), Michele Fielding (acrylic painting), Linda Abblitt (woodcut printer) and Kareina Day (dolly maker) are the ten new Makers joining the team to feature at the Makers’ Workshop.

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