TasWater decision a blow for Burnie ratepayers

Burnie City Council is shocked and disappointed by TasWater’s decision to cut annual distributions to owner Council’s to $20 million.

Burnie City Council Mayor Anita Dow said, “Tuesday’s announcement by TasWater to freeze annual distributions to Owner Councils at $20 million for seven years has come as a complete shock to Burnie City Council.”

“There has been no consultation with the Owner Council’s regarding this new investment plan. At the TasWater quarterly briefing on Wednesday 10 August, the Chair of TasWater said a new proposal would be presented to Councils at the November Representatives Meeting, so Tuesday’s announcement has come as a complete surprise!.”

“There is nothing good in this decision by the TasWater Board for the ratepayers of Burnie.”

“The dividends Council receives from TasWater assist us to provide day-to-day services and infrastructure needs for the community, and allow us to do so while keeping rates as low as possible.”

“As a result of this decision Council will face a $418,000 reduction in revenue for the 2018/19 financial year, which will have a significant impact on our future budgets.”

“Burnie residents handed TasWater a system in good working order and they are now expected to wear the brunt for fixing infrastructure in other parts of Tasmania”

“Investment in water and sewerage infrastructure will have positive health outcomes and stimulate economic growth which will see State and Federal Governments benefit and therefore local government should not have to bear the full burden of water and sewerage reform”.

“While Council acknowledges the importance of Tasmanians having access to safe drinking water, it is once again our community that will unfairly bear part of that cost.”

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Janine Phillips
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
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