Spirit of Tasmania Ferries

Burnie City Council has welcomed the announcement by the State Government that the Spirit of Tasmania ferries will be replaced ahead of schedule.

Mayor Alvwyn Boyd said that the ferries were not only vital for the growth of tourism in the region, but also to support expansion in the fresh produce sector across the coast.

“The Cradle Coast region is beginning to attract more visitors, and it is critical that the ferries have the capacity to carry the predicted increase in numbers over the next five years”.

“The growth in premium fresh food producers such as Costas Berries and Harvest Moon will also rely on increased freight capacity on the ferries. Speed to market is essential for economic growth in our region”, Mayor Boyd said.

“Burnie City Council has previously acknowledged its support for Devonport to remain as the primary passenger port for Tasmania as long as the Port had the capacity to support larger ships”.

Mayor Boyd said that it appeared that the new ships would be designed to ensure they could continue to berth in Devonport.

“However we would hope that the decision to continue to have the ferries berth in Devonport is a strategic decision rather than due to political expediency. The Government needs to confirm that there are no additional costs to taxpayers in ship design to enable the ferries to remain in Devonport, when a more efficient and cost effective solution could be presented by using the Burnie Port.”

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