Sets by the Sea

Burnie City Council Mayor Anita Dow has sought to clarify the current position in relation to why permits have not yet been granted for the proposed Sets by the Sea music event scheduled to be held on the Council’s West Beach reserve in early December.

Mayor Dow said, “Council is always supportive of activities which will see a Council reserve, including West Beach, used for community and entertainment events, but all of the relevant requirements must be satisfied to enable events to go ahead. This is in the interest of ensuring community safety and amenity.”

“Council has a permit application and approval process under which the organiser of an event is required to describe what is proposed and how it is to be conducted and managed. There is an expectation that event organisers obtain the permission of Council to occupy Council land before announcing to the public that the event is to occur.”

“As owner and manager of the reserve, Council has a duty of care to be certain an event is able to occur without risk to the health, safety and security of the people who will attend, and without unreasonable disruption and inconvenience to other people who may also occupy the reserve and land nearby.”

“Council must also seek to ensure the facilities it has provided within the reserve will not be damaged and that the space will be cleaned and any repairs are made immediately after the event has finished.”

“For certain events it may also be necessary to obtain separate approvals for items such as the erection of temporary structures and for serving of food and alcohol.  Not all these permissions are granted by Council, however, they need to be in place before Council will give its approval for the event to occur on Council land.”

“For large events, such as Sets by the Sea, Council also needs to be confident that arrangements are in place which can satisfy the requirements of traffic management, law and order, and emergency service agencies.”

“It is unfortunate that Sets by the Sea announced the event before any of the necessary permits and arrangements had been applied for or granted.  We became aware of the event through its promotional material in late August and contacted the organisers immediately to discuss the event and have provided them with details of what is required in order for the necessary permissions to be in place well before the event date.”

“The event organiser made an application for permission to use the West Beach reserve in early September, however the application did not include all of the information the Council required.  It was not accompanied by any of the necessary statutory permits for conduct of a large event, erection of structures, or serving of food and alcohol.  It did not provide confirmation of arrangements with other occupants of the West Beach reserve; or of the agreements which have been agreed with agencies such as police and ambulance services. The application does not adequately detail how matters such as noise management, waste collection and cleaning of the site are to occur."

“These are matters which Council requires to be addressed for any event, and are not specific to Sets by the Sea.”

“Council is not currently in a position to provide its permission to occupy Council land until this information is available from the event organiser.”

“We would normally expect all the necessary information and permits are in place well before the event date in order to provide certainty for patrons and those organisations which may be required to assist or support the event.”

“There is a concern, that unless the applications are completed within the next couple of weeks, that the Council and other agencies will not be in a position to make a decision and for the necessary arrangements to be in place in time for the event.”

“Burnie’s waterfront was redeveloped to promote greater community utilisation of the area, and there is no doubt it is a fantastic location for events such as Night on the Terrace. We welcome the opportunity for other events to be held in this space, as long as all the relevant requirements associated with staging events can be satisfied.”

For further information please contact

Janine Phillips
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
03 6430 5716 or 0448 568 728