Port developments positive for Burnie

Burnie City Council is in full support of the $12 million Burnie Port Optimisation Project, offering greater capacity for rail and more viability and efficiency in freight handling.

Managed by TasPorts, which is also contributing $3 million, the project will receive $4 million and $2 million from the Australian and Tasmanian governments respectively, $2 million from Toll and the remaining $1 million from TasRail.

Mayor Anita Dow said, “This project shows a great vote of confidence in our city with both the Australian Government and Tasmanian Government joining with the port’s industries to fund the growth and efficiency of the Burnie port.

“Our port infrastructure supports our transport industries and often provides Burnie an advantage to other areas. This project positions Burnie as the premier containerised shipping port in Tasmania.

“The development also signifies economic activity and employment opportunities in construction.

“From a community point of view, a huge bonus of this development is that the train shunting will no longer have to occur on North Terrace in front of the popular waterfront area.

“While this can be quite a treat for children, with more people utilising this area, there was an increased safety risk.

“The Burnie port and the industries that utilise it are key to Burnie’s continued sustainable future. It is reassuring to see this area receive the financial support needed to support our city’s industries.”

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