North West, Central and West Coast Councils push for Project Marinus

The mayors of Kentish, Central Highlands, Northern Midlands, Burnie City, Circular Head and West Coast Councils have welcomed the State Government’s commitment to the Battery of the Nation, but are seeking a commitment from the Federal Government to Project Marinus so that billions of dollars of investment can be unlocked.

Mayor Daryl Quilliam from Circular Head Council said a second Bass Strait interconnector cable was vital for the state and the nation.”

“The interconnector cable will support the investments in Pumped Hydro and Wind Farms. But more importantly, it will provide the cheap and reliable power our nation will need in the future”.

Mayor Alvwyn Boyd from Burnie City Council said that the Bass Strait interconnector cable would be national infrastructure.

“In the same way that highways and railway move freight around the nation, the interconnector cable will help move energy around the country. The Federal Government invests significantly in road and rail infrastructure, and we believe it should also be investing in critical energy infrastructure.”

Mayor Don Thwaites from Kentish Council said that it was important that the Battery of the Nation project proceeded as quickly as possible.

“This project is critical to meeting the energy needs of our nation, and the future prosperity of our communities. We cannot wait for the Federal and State Governments to develop a new energy policy. Investment needs to happen now to keep progressing this important project.”

Mayor Phil Vickers from West Coast Council said that “while the Federal Government appeared to be supportive of the Battery of the Nation, the mayors were seeking an investment in the inter connector cable project to demonstrate its commitment to the state.”

“We understand that there are still a number of critical technical and economic studies to be completed before the Project will be investment ready, and this will require an investment of almost $100 million. Without this work being completed it will be impossible for the necessary financing to be gained for the interconnector cable.”

Mayor Loueen Triffitt from Central Highlands Council said a federal government investment made sense.

“The Bass Strait interconnector cable meets the investment priorities of Federal Government, in helping deliver secure and reliable energy to the nation, and improving the productivity of current energy infrastructure. The interconnector cable will also meet the government’s priorities in supporting new renewables technologies that will deliver cheap and reliable power.”

Mayor David Downie from Northern Midlands Council said that a commitment of funding towards the technical and economic studies for the interconnector cable would be a seen as a down payment on Battery of the Nation.

“This is the perfect opportunity for the Federal Government to show its commitment to cheap and reliable energy, and to demonstrate to the nation that it is possible for renewable energy to be a vital part of meeting the nation’s future energy requirements.”

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