North West, Central and West Coast Councils push for Energy Policy

Earlier this month Kentish, Central Highlands, Northern Midlands, Burnie City, Circular Head and West Coast Councils wrote to Prime Minister Morrison to congratulate him on becoming the 30th Prime Minister.

The six Councils took the opportunity to advise the Prime Minister that they were united by the great opportunity presented by the Hodgman Liberal Government's Battery to the Nation initiative, comprising Pumped Hydro, Wind Farms and Bass Strait Interconnection.

The six mayors highlighted that the Battery to the Nation will involve a minimum $5 billion investment in renewable, reliable and inexpensive energy generation and will create 3,000 jobs. 

The six Council’s expressed their deep disappointment and frustration that an energy policy required to support this investment is yet to be legislated.

“It is clear that without policy certainty, investment in energy generation will continue to be difficult to realise. For much of Australia this may result in further unreliability and expensive energy. For our communities, this policy uncertainty will result in missing out on the opportunities for regional growth and prosperity which we know your government is committed to.

“For many years we have seen many of our talented young people leave our communities in search of better job opportunities. As with much of regional Australia this has resulted in a declining and ageing population. The Battery to the Nation will not only provide quality employment outcomes for our young people, but will also open up opportunities to attract and retain new residents.

The six mayors urged the Prime Minister to introduce an energy policy which will accommodate this great initiative, not only in terms of providing cheap, reliable and clean energy to the nation, but providing a prosperous future for our regional communities.

“Energy policy that is certain and provides a place for cheap, reliable and renewable energy is of the highest priority for us.”

The six Mayors said they looked forward to a commitment to regional Tasmania, and also extend an invitation for the Prime Minister to visit their regional communities to better understand the great opportunity provided by the proper policy settings.

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For further information please contact

Fiona Loughran
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
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