NBN is the key to innovation

Access to Fibre to the Premises in Burnie’s Central Business District is a key factor in driving innovation in the region, according to Burnie City Council Mayor Anita Dow.

“Burnie City Council, along with local business and industry, is eager to see Burnie become a hub for innovation and development. One of the key components to this happening is access to NBN, Fibre to the Premises infrastructure in our CBD.”

“There is a need for infrastructure to support a city and region that needs to be clever and connected to the world.”

“Key directions from Council’s Making Burnie 2030 community strategic plan include making Burnie an attractive place to live, work and play and a centre for information, knowledge and learning. We need to stimulate population growth, to improve and sustain the livability of the city including access to world class technology.”

“There is a focus at a national level on innovation and technology to harness new sources of economic growth and prosperity. The NBN policy should be reconsidered to allow Fibre to the Premises to be rolled out in Burnie’s CBD. We need business and industry in our region to have the very best chance to develop, innovate and grow.”

“It is not only business and industry that would benefit from Fibre to the Premises. The proposed UTAS investment at West Park will result in an additional 2,000 people in our region having access to a world-class university education. Given that university education is trending towards more on-line content delivery, there is a need for these students to have access to the best NBN services.”

“Burnie has the potential to become an innovation hub, and while we are already doing well in this space, there is room to be doing much more. I urge both the Liberal and Labor parties not to turn their backs on our city, but instead support our community by providing access to Fibre to the Premises in our CBD.”

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Burnie City Council
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