Michelangelo: The Exhibition is coming to Burnie

Burnie City Council and the Burnie Regional Art Gallery are very excited to announce the Australasian premiere of Michelangelo: The Exhibition.

The international touring exhibition will be coming to Burnie in March 2016, as the start of its national tour.

Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 – 1564) was not only a brilliant painter, most famous for his works in the Sistine Chapel in Rome, but he was also a sculptor and an architect.

This extraordinary exhibition has been created by the acclaimed Artisans of Florence: International, in collaboration with The Niccolai Group and Muri Dell’Arte (Italy), and the Fondazione Casa Buonarroti (the Michelangelo museum in Florence). The exhibition presents Michelangelo as the sculptor, the painter and the architect. It features full-scale sculpture replicas made from the casts of Michelangelo's original statues. Outside of Italy, these can only be seen together at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. In addition the exhibition features a fully equipped Renaissance artist’s workshop.

The Artisans of Florence and Niccolai Group were the creators of the extremely successful Da Vinci Machines exhibition, which was presented in Burnie in early 2014.

Burnie City Council Mayor, Anita Dow, said “It is very exciting that Burnie is able host these types of world class exhibitions. The outstanding success of the Da Vinci Machines exhibition in 2014 certainly demonstrated that there is a desire within the community to see events of this calibre.

“Last year, people travelled from around the state to see the Da Vinci Machines exhibition and I have no doubt that this will happen again when Michelangelo: The Exhibition arrives in our City.

Gallery Director Geoff Dobson said “Our Gallery will be the only Tasmanian venue to host this exhibition, before it takes off on its first national tour of Australia. The exhibition demonstrates why Michelangelo was considered the greatest living artist in his lifetime. Many of his paintings and sculptures are ranked amongst the most famous works in the history of art.

“We haven’t got room for the whole Sistine chapel but you will be able to get up close and view fantastic details of some of the most famous frescoes, such as The Creation of Adam.

“Copies of Michelangelo’s sculptures are made from casts taken in the 19th century before the practice of cast making from original master pieces were banned in Italy in 1865.

“We will provide an array of creative learning initiatives in association with this exhibition, and have sculptural activities for children, which should make this an attractive exhibition for all schools in the district."

For further information please contact

Janine Phillips
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
03 6430 5716 or 0448 568 728

Email: jphillips@burnie.net