Land 400 contract a game changer

The prospect of a potential $10 billion armoured defence project being rolled out in Burnie would be a game changer for the advanced manufacturing sector in our region, according to Burnie City Council Mayor Anita Dow.

Mayor Dow said, “The City of Burnie has undergone some changes within the last few years, the most significant being the transition of Caterpillar Underground Mining operations to Thailand.  As a result we have an opportunity to grow our advanced manufacturing sector, and attract new projects and initiatives to our region.”

“The opportunity for armoured defence force vehicles to be manufactured on the North West Coast would provide a much needed boost for the advanced manufacturing sector in the region, and the State. It would also promote our advanced manufacturing capabilities on the world stage and that’s what the sector really needs, greater promotion of what we do well right here in Burnie.”

“Team Sentinel have been working extremely hard developing three vehicles which meet the requirements of the Commonwealth Government, and while there are other groups contesting the contract, there is no reason to believe that this contract cannot be awarded to Team Sentinel.”

“Not only would a contract of this magnitude significantly impact the advanced manufacturing sector in the region, it would also boost employment, with an estimated 170 Tasmanian jobs created for a five year period, with 150 of those jobs being based in Burnie.”

“Already the design and the construction of the prototype have employed nearly 40 people throughout the country.”

“The Elphinstone Group, along with counterparts in Geelong and Hobart are globally competitive advanced manufacturers, there is little doubt that we have the skills and capabilities in our city and region to undertake defence contracts and manufacture world class vehicles.”

“There is still a way to go before the final contract is awarded, however having seen the prototype today, it is evident that the Team Sentinel consortium is a true contender and we wish them well for the next stage of the selection process.”

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Janine Phillips
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
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