Installation will take you to the shoreline

Artist Anthony Kelly and David Stalling and Assistant Doreen Kennedy

Artist Anthony Kelly and David Stalling and Assistant Doreen Kennedy

This Friday March 18, as part of the Ten Days on the Island 2011 Festival (25 March - 3 April 2011), the exhibition Shorelines will be officially opened at the Burnie Regional Art Gallery by Elizabeth Walsh, Artistic Director of Ten Days On The Island.

Director of the Burnie Regional Art Gallery Greg Leong said, “The special part about this installation is that it not only features in the gallery, but there is also an extra installment part of the project along the boardwalk at West Beach.”

Fluctuations, Sonic Mapping Points (after Joe Jones) is a series of solar powered sound installations that have been specifically designed for the West Beach Boardwalk.
Both exhibitions are created by artists that have travelled to Burnie from Ireland and Newfoundland.

David Stalling and Anthony Kelly from Dublin, the collaborating artists of the Fluctuations series, arrived in Burnie last week to prepare the works for the official opening this Friday.

Artists David Stalling said, “We are taking ordinary sounds and objects that you see and hear everyday but don’t pay too much attention to and placing them within our work. Sometimes it’s the simple sounds and objects that make a place unique and home and we don’t always appreciate how important they are.

“Burnie is a beautiful and peaceful city full of lovely people. We are so thrilled to be able to show our work to the community, especially on this new boardwalk,” Mr Stalling said.

“I don’t think many people realise that these artists have come from half way around the world to share their work with the community. They have left their homes and families to have the opportunity to present their works in Burnie. The City should feel very honoured,” Mr Leong said.

Both installations at the boardwalk and gallery open this Friday at 5:15pm starting at the Makers’ Workshop.

“It’s a wonderful experience. The community can start at the Makers’ Workshop and then walk along the boardwalk to enjoy the boardwalk’s first art installation and then finish at the Burnie Regional Art Gallery. Best of all its completely free, so I welcome the community to come along,” Mr Leong said.

For the opening their will be a free shuttle bus to transport the community from the boardwalk to the Burnie Regional Art Gallery.

Ten Days On the Island has a full program of performances and projects around the sate of Tasmania.

Shoreline Curators: Charlotte Jones, Newfoundland, and Sean McCrum, Ireland.

Fluctuations, Sonic Mapping Points - Artists: David Stalling and Anthony Kelly, Ireland.

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