Immediate action urged as Blueberry Rust committee findings released

Burnie City Council welcomes the release of the Legislative Council Report into Biosecurity Tasmania’s response to two outbreaks of Blueberry Rust and urges the Minister to urgently consider the report and to take immediate action.

The Legislative Council’s Report recommended that funding be provided toward research on how to eradicate the blueberry rust; that Biosecurity Tasmania be more inclusive of industry representatives during development of any new legislation; and that more resources are provided when critically required.

In 2016 blueberry rust was found at Costa’s Sulphur Creek Farm just under a month after Biosecurity Tasmania had declared the threat eradicated from the state and removed all trade restrictions between Tasmania and Victoria.

Mayor Boyd said "Tasmania's disease free status has been a huge driver of our economy, and the State Government certainly needs to act on the recommendations of this Legislative Council report to maintaining this status.

"The Costa Group is a large employer and producer of berries in our region and grows approximately 45% of Australia's total blueberry supply.

"I would urge the Minister to urgently address the Legislative Council's recommendations to ensure bio-security remains an essential part of our economic livelihood."

For further information please contact

Fiona Loughran
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
03 6430 5716 or 0448 568 728