Extra boardwalk access for pedestrian safety

A new access point is soon to be constructed on the West Beach boardwalk

A new access point is soon to be constructed on the West Beach boardwalk

Work is set to commence shortly on the West Beach boardwalk to provide an extra pedestrian access point onto North terrace between Alexander Street and King Street.

Director of Works and Services Mr Gary Neil said, “The extra access point was requested to help guide tourists to the Burnie Regional Art Gallery or the Pioneer Village Museum from the boardwalk and to also allow an extra access point for people who work in the CBD and park at West Park.

“The boardwalk currently allows users to exit at the surf club or at the West Park precinct, often creating the need for users to back track to get to their destination.

“The need for an additional access to the boardwalk has also been driven by the continual use of the rail corridor as a path so that people can get to their destination the quickest way.

“There is a risk of injury to pedestrians that use this rail corridor instead of the dedicated boardwalk. It is also dangerous to negotiate an uncontrolled crossing in a high traffic area.

“A pedestrian refuge will be constructed in the centre of North Terrace at the new access point to help pedestrians negotiate the crossing safely,” he said.

The new access point will be complete to coincide with the development works at the waterfront, which will see the eastern end of the boardwalk closed for some time while these works take place.

“The extra access point will be well utilised during this time so that pedestrians can still access the boardwalk while these works are carried out and be able to cross safely,” Mr Neil said.

The new access point is anticipated to be constructed by the end of August.

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