Emu River flooding the focus of Burnie flood submission

In the wake of the June flood event which caused significant damage and disruption to businesses and residents in the River Road industrial area, Burnie City Council has made a submission to the State Government’s Flood Review Enquiry.

Burnie City Council Mayor Anita Dow said, “The June flood event affected infrastructure throughout the municipality, damaging roads and facilities within reserves. To date, the cost of the flooding directly to Council has been approximately $526,000.”

“The River Road industrial area felt the full impact of this weather event, with many businesses suffering significant damage due to flooding of the Emu River. Premises were damaged, stock was lost and the overall disruption to business activity has had lasting effects for these businesses.”

“Council’s submission to the Flood Review Enquiry highlights the importance of further investigation of the Emu River in order to understand the hydraulics of the river. It is also extremely important to be able to assess the potential for future flooding and examine opportunities to consider mitigation of flood impacts.”

“Council is requesting that the relevant State Government agencies undertake a detailed analysis of the root causes of the Emu River flooding. A flood study on the lower reaches of the Emu River has been previously carried out by the State Government, however to Council’s knowledge this information has not been distributed to the relevant stakeholders for information and consideration. An analysis of the recent flood event, compared with the results of the previous flood study would provide valuable information going forward.”

“Council’s submission seeks ongoing support from Commonwealth and State Government agencies to access grant programs, which are essential for us to be able to understand local risk profiles and mitigating risks that are within Council.”

“There is also a need to model the river hydraulics, focusing on the effect of the log jam that occurred on the Emu River rail bridge; as well as to assess opportunities for, and the benefits of, installing a gauging station as a means of providing early warning of future events.”

“The businesses on River Road were severely impacted by the June flood event, and it is extremely important that potential mitigation strategies are identified in order to minimize the risk of future flooding in this area.”

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Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
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