Cradle Coast Council’s and CCA to work through issues - re-assess in June 2019

Burnie City Council has decided unanimously to remain a member of the Cradle Coast Authority and has committed to working with the other member Councils to address concerns raised through a recent review.

Mayor Alvwyn Boyd said the review had highlighted a number of structural issues with the Authority, however Council believed that there was a need to work with the Authority and member Councils to address these issues rather than to leave.

“Feedback to the original report has revealed there is a commitment to a regional approach from member Councils. We now look forward to all councils participating fully in the Authority, particularly as the Regional Futures Plan is implemented.”

“Feedback also suggests that a number of member Councils believe their input needs to be strengthened and the role of the Council Representatives better defined.”

“We look forward to working with other Councils to ensure the Authority can deliver regional economic development activities as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

Mayor Boyd said that Council had set a timeframe of June 2019 for its issues to be addressed but this was not an ultimatum.

“It is a recognition that there is an urgency to address the current issues, so our region can prosper and so that the Cradle Coast Authority can provide real value to all residents across the region.”

Mayor Boyd said that it was never Council’s intention to go it alone.

“Council is committed to working with any Council or organisation where mutual challenges and benefits are identified. It has done so in the past and will continue to do so where it identifies opportunities to form coalitions and partnerships.”

“However Council also recognises that it is seen as a leader in the north west region, and therefore has a responsibility to work with other member Councils of the Cradle Coast Authority to ensure regional opportunities are maximised.” 

Mayor Boyd said that the decision was a vote of confidence in the Cradle Coast Authority.

“We believe that with the good-will that has been evident recently, and the commitment to address Council’s concerns and bring about change, that our ratepayers will see value in remaining members of the Authority.”  

For further information please contact

Fiona Loughran
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
03 6430 5716 or 0448 568 728