Councils Welcome Investment in Suicide Prevention

Three north-west Councils have welcomed the announcement of a Suicide Prevention Trial across their communities.

The Federal Government has announced that Devonport, Central Coast and Burnie will be part of a national trial using a multi-pronged, evidence based approach to reducing the number of suicides and suicide attempts.

The approach, called LifeSpan, has been developed by the Black Dog Institute and been shown to be successful in a number of pilot communities in New South Wales.

Mayor Steve Martin said that the Trial would support existing community initiatives by seeking to coordinate service delivery and promoting a community based approach to suicide prevention.

“There are a number of excellent services being provided across the region, however we need to recognise that everyone can have a part to play in recognising and responding to suicidality”.

 Mayor Jan Bonde said that the Trial would also attempt to improve emergency and follow-up care for a suicidal crisis.

“Evidence shows that improved crisis care and aftercare services for people who have attempted suicide can reduce the risk of future attempts.”

Mayor Anita Dow said that the work that the Burnie community was doing in the Collective Impact space was evidence that a collaborative, whole of community response to social issues can make a difference.

“I believe that this Pilot project will further demonstrate that community collaboration can make a big difference in the lives of our residents.”

The Mayors believe the Trial presents an excellent opportunity for the three Councils to not only support local responses, but also to work together to develop joint responses where opportunities arise.

“Social issues such as suicide do not respect local government boundaries, and many issues are the same regardless of the location”, Mayor Martin said.

For further information please contact

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Burnie City Council
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