Council to develop West Park precinct master plan

West Park precinct

West Park precinct

Burnie City Council is continuing to move forward with a plan to develop the West Park precinct.

Following the lack of success with the previous sale process of land at West Park, Council tonight (16 August, 2011) at the August meeting voted to engage with developers to gain a better understanding of the opportunities associated with this site, and to develop a master plan that reflects the feedback given while meeting the Council’s strategic guidelines for this precinct.

Burnie Mayor Alvwyn Boyd said, “At the very beginning of this process we consulted with the community for their views of what they believed was best for this area. From the community’s feedback a strategic plan for the area was developed.

“The strategic plan ensures that we achieve a balance of land uses that contribute to the quality of life of Burnie residents. Included is the assurance that there will be public open space included as well as land for cultural purposes, residential purposes, sport and recreation land uses and some commercial land uses including tourism and appropriate retail use.

“Council has already begun work on some of these areas with the development of the Makers’ Workshop and new sport facilities at West Park Oval. This next stage is looking at the options for other uses.

“It’s really important the community is aware that no more than 15% of the total site would be available for residential/commercial development,” he said.

The first stage of the new Expression of Interest process would be to invite developers to provide a concept plan of their proposed development on the precinct. Following the completion of the master planning process, Council would then seek submissions for purchase of land within the precinct from those developers whose first stage submission concept plan most aligns with the master plan developed from community feedback.

“It was also suggested from some community members that there is a need for some landscaping works to occur on the eastern end of the West Park precinct, particularly the areas north of the Makers’ Workshop along with the previous bowls club site.

“Council voted to undertake some landscaping works in this area, which will improve the attractiveness of this site for the community to enjoy,” Mayor Boyd said.

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