Council supports consolidation of maternity services at NWRH

Burnie City Council supports the consolidation of maternity services at the North West Regional Hospital.

Burnie Mayor Anita Dow said “Based on the evidence available, in particular the proposed provision of Level 4 ICU services at the North West Regional Hospital, Burnie City Council fully supports the consolidation of maternity services at the NWRH and we urge the Health Minister to be forthcoming in discussing his proposal with the region.”

“The Minister has committed to having an open and frank discussion about health reform and the future of maternity services in the region, however the factors influencing this decision making process have been missing from this discussion.”

“What also needs to be considered as part of this discussion, is improvements to the provision of quality ante-natal and post-natal services along the coast. Women and their babies need to be able to have access to these services in their communities. We need an assurance from the Minister that once the location of maternity services has been determined, provisions are made to ensure improved access to ante and post-natal care and services for all mothers and infants wherever they live in the region.

“The North West Coast has a geographically dispersed population, the important issue to consider is where the critical mass of clinicians can be best supported. As a proposed centre of regional excellence, it makes sense for this to be at the NWRH.”

“There is already an evergreen contract between NWRH and North West Private Hospital in place for the provision of maternity services and the NWRH has purpose built units on-site to accommodate maternity patients that are required to travel from isolated areas such as the West Coast and King Island.”

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Janine Phillips
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
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