Council remind dog owners of their responsibilities

Burnie City Council would like to remind dog owners of their responsibilities.

It was recently reported to Council that wildlife had allegedly been attacked and killed by a dog in one of Council’s reserves.

Burnie City Council Compliance Support Manager Monique Peisker said, “Under the Dog Management Policy, dogs are required to be on a leash at all times in reserves.

“Parks and reserves are beautiful spaces for all of the community to enjoy, including the native wildlife.

“We encourage people to enjoy these spaces and walk their dogs, however ensure dogs are walked on a lead. Council does have designated off-lead exercise areas however, when your dog is in an off-lead exercise area, you must still keep it under effective control, for example it must be close to you and in sight at all times and respond to your commands,” she said.

Burnie City Council has authority to require dog owners to comply with the Dog Control Legislation and that it may take action against you under provisions of the Dog Control Act 2000 for any breach of these expectations, including the seizure and detention of your dog where it is not under effective control.

The Dog Management Policy can be found online at with links to the applicable legislation.

“There are many people in the community that are responsible dog owners, which is great. Unfortunately not everyone follows the rules. As a responsible owner of a dog, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog does not cause distress to any person or domestic or native animal,” she said.

For further information please contact

Libby Jowett
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
(03) 6430 5716 or 0448 568 728