Council plans for the future with new waste transfer and resource recovery facility

Burnie City Council tonight adopted an overall 3.9% increase in rates and charges income.

Mayor Boyd said that Council’s single biggest challenge and a contributor to the rates increase was that the current landfill cell at Mooreville Road Burnie would be filled in 2012.

“Council investigated a number of options, and determined that the best solution both financially and environmentally would be to construct a new waste transfer facility that will also improve resource recovery.

“The cost to develop the current site and continue to landfill at Burnie compared with the cost to transfer waste to another regional landfill site over the next 12 years is similar. However, Council has decided that the use of a purpose built facility provides better environmental benefits for the Burnie community.

“This ultimately means that waste charges will increase as we migrate to this new waste disposal system. That is the main reason for an overall rate increase to 3.9% this year from 2.9% last year.

“Council was very aware of trying to limit the price rises for ratepayers. The majority of homes will pay less than $1 per week to cover this increase, with similar increases forecast for the coming four years, so that we are not hit with a large increase in one year,” he said.

Council has undertaken a tender process and an announcement will be made shortly regarding the successful contractor for the project.

“The new waste transfer and resource recovery facility will still allow residents and businesses to dispose of their waste at the Mooreville Road site as they currently do, but waste will then be taken to a regional landfill site.

“Improvements will be made to the way waste is disposed with users dropping off their waste under cover and additional resources recovered from the waste stream prior to transfer to landfill.

“It’s important that we continue to plan for the future, so that we don’t get hit with any big surprises. It’s a timely reminder to residents and business operators to try and limit waste generated for both the environment and for cost reasons. This new facility will allow Council to take advantage of changing technologies in waste management well into the future” Mayor Boyd said.

For further information please contact

Libby Jowett
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
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