Council adopts 2015/16 Budget

At a special meeting held tonight (Tuesday 30 June 2015), Burnie City Council adopted the 2015/16 Annual Plan and Budget Estimates.

Mayor Anita Dow said, “Council and staff have worked hard to successfully deliver a budget that is consistent with the targets contained in the ten year Financial Management Strategy, to ensure Council is fiscally responsible and sustainable into the future.”

“Council always considers the current economic climate and our community’s ability to pay when we set the rates each year. We understand the importance of having fair and equitable charges for all members of our community.”

“This is highlighted with our commitment to a zero percent general rate increase, the revision of municipal waste charges and in increase in the number of free waste vouchers.”

Council is budgeting for a return to surplus in 2016. The budgeted underlying surplus is $0.118m.

“The budget allows for a 0% increase in the general rate and a 0% increase in stormwater service charges. There will be a 2.3% increase in Council revenue, which is attributable to changes in waste charges (12.5%) and in increase in the State Fire Levy (3.6%).”

“Council is in its fifth year of a six year strategy to increase its waste charges to generate sufficient income to offset the operating costs of the new Waste Transfer and Resource Recovery Facility. The decision to spread the cost over six years is to ensure that ratepayers are not hit with an unaffordable rise in one year. The majority of homes will pay an additional 57 cents per week.”

“In order to share the rate burden and make the system fairer, Council has decided to split the waste management charge. To date, the cost of providing all general waste services within the municipality, (including waste vouchers for all ratepayers), was paid by only those ratepayers who fall within the kerbside collection area. However, under the new system, kerbside collection will continue to be paid for by those who receive it, but all ratepayers will share the in the cost of general municipal waste services.”

The split charge is as follows:

-                        The Municipal Waste Charge of $120 (paid by all ratepayers)

-                        The Kerbside Collection Charge of $270 (paid by ratepayers falling within Council’s kerbside collection areas)

The majority of homes fall within the kerbside collection areas and the effect of the changes for those properties will be 57 cents per week. 

Those ratepayers that fall outside the kerbside collection zones will receive a new $120 charge.

Council has extended its free waste disposal program, whereby all ratepayers will receive four waste vouchers and four green waste vouchers to be used at any time throughout the year.

“For the third consecutive year Council will not increase short term parking meter fees (2 hours or less). Council will also reduce long term parking meter fees (5 hours or more) from $1.60 per hour to $1.20 per hour). This is to encourage use of the long term parking meters and to ensure that pricing is consistent with the long term ground level car parks. The hourly rate at the Marine Terrace Car Park will also reduce from $1.40 to $1.20 to encourage short term utilisation of the car park.”

“This year’s capital works expenditure is $19.168m which includes the continuation of the indoor swimming pool at the Aquatic Centre, court improvements at the netball club, the stormwater development program and the continuation of rural road and bridge upgrades.”

 For the complete Annual Plan and Budget estimates click here

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