Community should have few extra coins ready for new tip charges

Burnie Waste Management Centre

Burnie Waste Management Centre

On Tuesday 21 June, Burnie City Council adopted the 2011/12 budget estimates, including an updated fee structure for the Burnie Waste Management Centre.

Mayor Alvwyn Boyd said, “The community will notice a rise in some waste charges from 1 July 2011. The community needs to be aware of these changes and in some cases have a few extra coins ready when they visit the tip.

“A car with rubbish visiting the tip for example was $5 in 2010/11, but from 1 July will now be $6. A lot of people quickly grab a $5 note as they head out the door to the tip. You will now also need an extra $1 coin.

“Another change that could catch people out is when visiting the tip in twin cab ute, the cost in 2010/11 was a flat $10. However from 1 July 2011 the fee will increase to $12. Again quite often people arrive with only a $10 note.

“I would like the community to be aware of the increases and also gain an understanding why there are increases.”

Mayor Boyd said that Council’s single biggest challenge and a contributor to the rates and fee increase was that the current landfill cell at Mooreville Road Burnie would be filled in 2012.

“Council investigated a number of options, and determined that the best solution both financially and environmentally would be to construct a new waste transfer facility that will also improve resource recovery.

“The cost to develop the current site and continue to landfill at Burnie compared with the cost to transfer waste to another regional landfill site over the next 12 years is similar. However, Council has decided that the use of a purpose built facility provides better environmental benefits for the Burnie community.

“The new waste transfer and resource recovery facility that is expected to be running in 2012, will still allow residents and businesses to dispose of their waste at the Mooreville Road site as they currently do, but waste will then be taken to a regional landfill site.

“Improvements will be made to the way waste is disposed with users dropping off their waste under cover and additional resources recovered from the waste stream prior to transfer to landfill.

“It’s important that we continue to plan for the future, so that we don’t get hit with any big surprises. It’s a timely reminder to residents and business operators to try and limit waste generated for both the environment and for cost reasons. This new facility will allow Council to take advantage of changing technologies in waste management well into the future.” Mayor Boyd said.

Burnie ratepayers who pay a waste charge in their rates will receive green waste vouchers in the mail shortly, allowing some free trips to the tip to dispose of green waste.

Recyclable items can be dropped off in the designated area for free at the Burnie Waste Management Centre.

Also re-usable items can be taken to the tip shop on-site also for free.

Burnie Waste Management Fees for 2011/12, effective 1 July 2011:

 Car/Station Wagon (seats up) (up to 0.5m3) $6.00
 Twin Cab Ute  (up to 1.0m3) $12.00
 Van, Ute, Small Trailer  (up to 2.0m3) $14.00
 Dual/Large Single Axle Trailer


 Waste (t) $100.00
Green Waste < 3m3 (per m3) $5.00
Non Landfill Waste (t) $35.00
Clean Soil (t) $20.00
Low Level Controlled Waste– Asbestos, Soil, Sanitary (Hazardous Waste Level 1& 2) (Direct Burial)  (tonnes) $119.00
Tyres - Car & Motorcycle (each) $5.00
         -  Light Truck & 4WD (each) $13.00
         -  Truck (each) $17.00
Additional Fee for Tyres on Rims $2.00

Electronic Waste – Domestic -  One (1) free item per visit with a load of waste

1 item Free
Electronic Waste – Commercial (kg) $3.50
Recyclables Free
Car Bodies (Whole) Free

For further information please contact

Libby Jowett
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
(03) 6430 5716 or 0448 568 728