Community leaders look to the future

Three local Councils hosted a futures forum last night in Burnie with local business leaders and government representatives.

This networking evening provided an opportunity to help identify future wealth and job creating opportunities in our region.

Burnie Mayor Steve Kons said, “The forum looked at the areas of future opportunity for our region, which for Burnie is also outlined in our Community’s Strategic Plan, Making Burnie 2030. It put business leaders and government representatives in the one room to start looking at our competitive advantages as a region. You could feel the room starting to realise that we can contribute to achieving the goal of growing our region’s economy to create jobs so that our region can be sustainable.” 

Circular Head Council Deputy Mayor John Oldaker said that the focus of the evening was to identify future opportunities for our region in terms of wealth and job creation.

“We did not focus on opportunities that are already in train, but the opportunities five to 10 years out which we need to start working towards as a region now. It is so important to empower our community to believe that together we can control our region’s future.”

Waratah-Wynyard Mayor Robby Walsh said the night was a huge success.

“Each group had three business leaders and three government representatives, and during the evening each business leader had to give a pitch for their idea on the best opportunity for our region. By the end of the night we had identified a number of opportunities and two that has been prioritised for further investigation.

“We have been filled with confidence that the business community is really thinking strategically to benefit and advance our region long-term.”

The two most significant ideas from the forum that were identified was the concept of ‘Sweet Trees’, which focuses on converting low grade timber that would otherwise be chipped or wasted into energy and fibres, and the promotion of Farm Gate tourism, which links our local produce with a visitor experience.

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