Challenge to the tradies

Tim McLaren from PCYC and Rod Jones from Building and Maintenance Service

Tim McLaren from PCYC and Rod Jones from Building and Maintenance Service

On April 10 at Shorewell Creek, young and old will take The Burnie Challenge and battle through the muscle aching four km course consisting of 14 manmade obstacles.

Rod Jones from Building and Maintenance Service has volunteered his time to build each individual obstacle.
“I am an ex-defence and think this style of event is a great way to encourage those who would like to be more active.

“The Challenge obstacles are going to be hard. I think the key is to remember it’s not a race. I think it’s best to recruit some friends and enter as a team. That way you can help each other through each obstacle.

“Everyone is going to fall over and get dirty. I think the toughest obstacle will be the ‘School of Tough Knocks’. It’s a rope wall that is over 2 metres tall,” he said.

Rod is looking forward to taking the Challenge himself.

“I can’t wait! I have registered the guys from work. We are entering as a team. I would like to challenge all other tradies to also get a team together and see if they too can finish the Challenge.

“This event is a new and exciting idea for this region. I really hope the community supports it. That’s why I volunteered my time to making the obstacles. We all need to be more active. There is no rule saying we can’t have fun at the same time,” he said.

Register online or visit the Burnie City Council offices at 80 Wilson Street. Burnie City Council is urging the community to get their registration forms in before the end of March.

The Burnie Challenge event is also being supplemented by a number of cross training programs to assist participants to prepare for the event. Both the event and the training programs highlight the benefits of cross training, a healthy diet and nutrition.

Select local trainers are running free training sessions for anyone who holds health care card. Anyone else wanting to train for the event can attend these sessions for a discounted cost.

• Storm Fit Fix - Mason Doherty – 0439 003 965
Monday and Thursday – 5.00pm at the Burnie PCYC

• KAW Training – Kent Wyllie – 0400 634 963
Monday and Thursday - 11.30am at the Burnie Community House
(Wet weather – Upper Burnie Hall)

• KickStart Fitness – Sherry Rand – 0412 874 465
Tuesday – 5.30pm – Burnie Primary School and Friday 9.30am – Upper Burnie Hall

• HealthGlo – Andrew Keen – 0418 144 962
Wednesday and Friday at 12.00 midday – Romaine Park (Wet weather - Healthglo Gym)

• Lakeland Fitness Services - John Lakeland – 0418 405 867
Monday 7.00pm and Wednesday 5.30pm – Jorgensen Street Reserve

• Gareth Jubb – Gareth Jubb Fitness – 0410 441 417
Monday and Tuesday – 9.00am – Burnie Park

• Contours – Bonnie Windebank – 6431 6646 - Full use of facilities in a female friendly gym.

For further information please contact

Libby Jowett
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
(03) 6430 5716 or 0448 568 728