Car crash site on Bass Highway to promote safe driving

The scene of a crashed car is sending a strong message to drivers and passengers going by Burnie.

The Department of State Growth – Road Safety Operations through its Burnie City Council Community Road Safety Partnership Program, developed an awareness program providing younger drivers the opportunity to lead a road safety campaign by designing promotional material for a general public crashed car display.

Mayor Anita Dow said, “For the last couple of weeks students at Hellyer College have been confronted with the same car crash site that was unveiled on the Bass Highway today. College students in Burnie were asked to write a slogan to help promote safe driving for the road safety campaign.”

First place in the student competition was awarded to Liam Condon (Hellyer College) who was inspired to write a story after seeing the crashed car display. Second place was awarded to Deanne Scott (Marist Regional College) whose slogan is on display on the vehicle. The winning slogan was revealed today at the crash site. The slogan is; ‘text and you may be next’.

Burnie City Council Youth Development Officer Katie Smith said “The students were offered briefings from key road safety experts to identify a suitable campaign for public display in council areas, along with supportive community education material.

“The crashed vehicle is shocking to see. The reaction from the students was quite incredible. You could see reality set in, as they looked closely at the vehicle and the damage that could occur to a car, and in turn the person inside the vehicle.

“The crashed car display will be on view on the Bass Highway opposite Spotlight for two weeks. The vehicle will then move to another location in Burnie”

The crashed car has been offered to neighbouring municipalities at completion of its rotation in the Burnie. Devonport, Latrobe, Kentish, Central Coast, Waratah Wynyard and Circular Head Councils have agreed to also host the project.

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Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
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