Burnie youth plan concert for bush fire appeal

Sabian Lynch, a local youth member has gained support to hold a bush fire benefit concert. Sabian has run previous youth concerts under the name of Unconsecrated Bookings and Promotions and is a member of Burnie City Council’s Youth Making Changes Around Burnie.

Burnie City Council is proud to support the Jollywellgoodfest Tasmanian bush fire benefit concert; that will be held at the Burnie United Church Hall this Saturday 16 February.

Mayor Steve Kons said, “This is a perfect example of some of the terrific things that the Burnie youth are doing. Too often we focus on the negative. To organise a concert is a lot of work and Sabian and many other supporters have volunteered their time to put on this event, giving musicians an opportunity to perform and creating an event for young people to enjoy.”

Entry is only $10 and all proceeds will be going towards the Tasmanian bush fire appeal. Doors open at 3pm. All ages welcome. This is a drug and alcohol free event.

Concert Organiser Sabian Lynch said, “I have organised a few concerts before this and they have always gone well. This one will be our biggest and has a larger variety of musical genres. We have also organised a raffle. I was surprised by the many local businesses that jumped on board with prizes to help raise money.

“Everyone is welcome to come along. I know the musicians would love to have a big crowd to perform too.”

The Jollywellgoodfest features local musicians and bands including:

    • The White Rose Project
    • Attic Owls
    • Marcus Wynwood
    • Alpha Wolf
    • Claire Taylor
    • Catchpenny
    • Colin Kucera
    • Dirt
    • Harrison Osbourne
    • After Sunset
    • Courtney Schmidt

    For further information please contact

    Libby Dobson
    Communications Officer
    Burnie City Council
    (03) 6430 5716 or 0448 568 728

    Email: ldobson@burnie.net