Burnie thrilled with storm water funding

The Burnie region has received $4.25 million in funding to deliver a storm water improvement program across the municipality.

Burnie Mayor Steve Kons said, “This is great news for our community and for economic development in our region.

“This accords with my philosophy that all capital grants received must have a cost benefit analysis applied to them and be assessed on a triple bottom line basis. It must be good for the environment, socially responsible and of no or limited financial burden on the community.

“The funding will reduce storm water infiltration into the waste treatment plant at Round Hill by 1.9 mega litres per day. That’s roughly enough to fill an olympic size swimming pool.

“The removal of storm water from the sewerage system will free up capacity in the Round Hill Waste Water Treatment Plant that can be utilised to take additional trade waste from food processors such as Lion.

“It’s fantastic that we can now offer this support to assist a large investment by this company in our city. This investment by Lion is a significant expansion opportunity for the region built on the back of our competitive advantage in dairying.”

Mayor Kons also welcomed the announcement by the State Government supporting research, development and training at the new Lion facility.

“This support will ensure that Burnie and our region will continue to be a world leader in dairy production and value added processing.

“It’s crucial that all tiers of government support this type of investment by dealing with challenges that industry face. It has been a wonderful example of a successful partnership solution with the Federal and State Governments. It’s a win, win for everyone.”

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Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
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