Burnie Community’s Overwhelming Response to return of Targa

The Burnie City Council has highlighted the significant benefits to the community following the running of the 2016 TargaFest in Burnie on Wednesday night.

Mayor Anita Dow said the organisers had advised almost 5,000 people had visited the Targa cars at the multi-storey carpark, and almost 2,000 people had visited the Shannon’s Super Rig.

Mayor Dow said it was great to see such an overwhelming response to the TargaFest by the local community.

“The multi-storey carpark was full of people, including many young families, and it is obvious from the crowd that Targa ticks the box for a broad section of our community.”

“The variety of very unique cars is something our community does not get to experience very often, and the number of young, and not so young, people soaking up the atmosphere was great to see.”

“The Burnie stop over and TargaFest was always a highlight, and so we are very grateful to be once again included in Targa Tasmania.”

“I hope that given the positive response from our community, this will result in Burnie once again becoming a permanent stopover in future Targa events.”

“Nearly 2,500 people were directly involved in Targa this year. The event brings millions of dollars in economic benefit to the Cradle Coast region through tourism and hospitality expenditure.”

“Of course, an event this size does create major logistical issues for the CBD, and while Council and the Targa organisers worked hard to minimise disruption to the public, we are aware of a number of issues which will need to be addressed in future years.”

For further information please contact

Janine Phillips
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
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