2015/16 Cruise ship season begins

The 2015/16 Burnie cruise ship season starts on Sunday 25 October with the arrival of the Dawn Princess.

The Dawn Princess, sailing from Sydney, will arrive with approximately 1996 passengers and crew on board, many of whom will spend the day exploring Burnie and the surrounding areas on the North-West Coast.

Deputy Mayor Alvwyn Boyd said, “It is always a great pleasure to meet the passengers and crew as they disembark the ship. The cruise ship industry creates a great economic boost for many businesses in the region, and it provides excellent exposure to promote Burnie and the region, nationally and internationally.”

“We hope that the sun will be shining, but the Burnie community is sure to put on a warm welcome regardless.”

Please note that for friends and family wishing to collect passengers, they will not be able to pick up or return passengers to the wharf due to security restrictions. Passengers will leave the port area by bus and be delivered to Makers’ Workshop. The last shuttle bus for the day will depart Makers’ Workshop at 3:00pm and all passengers need to be on board shuttle buses to access the wharf area- no foot traffic or other vehicles are permitted.

“Sunday’s visit by the Dawn Princess also coincides with the 321-Go kids race at West Park. This will mean changes to traffic movement in the West Park precinct. We ask people to be mindful of parking only in allocated areas behind West Park Oval and to be aware that there will be higher volumes of bus traffic and passenger movement, Deputy Mayor Boyd said.”

Eleven cruise ships are scheduled to visit Burnie between October and April 2016 for this season.

The second cruise ship to visit Burnie this season will be the Volendam scheduled to arrive on Tuesday 17 November 2015.

For further information please contact

Janine Phillips
Communications Officer
Burnie City Council
03 6430 5716 or 0448 568 728

Email: jphillips@burnie.net