Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Mayor Anita Dow

Mayor Anita Dow

LAST week I attended the opening of The Advocate Gift exhibitions at both the Burnie Regional Art Gallery and the Burnie Regional Museum. The Advocate’s photographic collection has displayed signs of deterioration, so in an effort to preserve this significant part of our region’s history, the Advocate Gift has been given to the Museum to be stored in the newly built world-standard archival freezer store. The Museum’s exhibition focusses on the history of photography, as well as the history of The Advocate.

As part of the Museum’s exhibition, the community will be able to discover the personal journeys of some of The Advocate’s most well-known identities including Grant Wells, David and Michael Cherry, Allan Leeson, Luke Sayer and Judy Herbert, through a series of lunchtime talks. More information about these talks will be made available soon.

The Burnie Regional Art Gallery is exhibiting a selection of images from this exciting collection that tells particular stories from each of the decades from the 1950s to 2000. The gallery’s exhibition has been curated by one of The Advocate’s former photographers Grant Wells, who has extensive knowledge about the treasures that are hiding in this collection.

The Museum’s exhibition will run from 19 August until 15 April 2018 and the Gallery’s exhibition will run from 19 August until 14 September 2017. Admission is free.

THANK you to the Burnie Basketball Association for their invitation to attend their annual dinner recently. It was lovely to be able to congratulate them on another successful year.

I ALSO recently attend a community planning session at Hellyer College which was seeking input into the role of the college into the future.