Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Mayor Anita Dow

Mayor Anita Dow

COUNCIL is very pleased that Ten Days on the Island have chosen the Makers’ Workshop as their new headquarters. We have a very vibrant cultural community in Burnie, and it is wonderful that this is being recognised by the festival’s board. Over the years Ten Days on the Island has expanded further into regional areas, and this move to Burnie will hopefully allow for even more cultural events to be held in this region. The Ten Days on the Island partnership with the University of Tasmania will also be very beneficial to the region through the development of creative industries.

LAST week Aldermen and  Council staff were invited to visit and tour the Caterpillar site. Whilst at Caterpillar we were given an overview of CAT’s testing facility and were able to inspect their machines on-site. 150 people work at the Caterpillar site in Burnie, with the focus now on their world class research and design unit. We are fortunate to have people from all around the world working in this facility who are using their specialized skills in researching and designing world class machinery that will help shape the future of advanced manufacturing.

RECENTLY I also had the opportunity to visit the redeveloped Elphinstone facility in Wivenhoe. The Elphinstone Group have made a substantial investment in this building and I congratulate them for all the work that they continue to do to develop advanced manufacturing in the region and creating local employment opportunities.

THE August Council Meeting will be held tonight at the Council Chambers, starting at 7pm. Doors will open at 6:50pm and everyone is welcome to attend.