Please note that TasWater is now managing Water and Sewerage services in Tasmania. To report any faults or emergencies relating to water or sewerage systems, please contact 13MYWATER (13 69 92) or

Storm Water Locations

For location details of underground storm water pipes make a free “DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG” enquiry.  This is a referral service for information on underground pipes and cables anywhere in Australia.  Lodge your application online at or call 1100 during business hours.  Details will arrive to you via email, fax or post, often within 2 working days.

Council Network

BCC’s Storm water network consists of open drains, kerb and channel, pipes to the property connection points, underground reticulation, manholes, gully pits, pollution traps, and outfalls (to oceans and streams).

Storm water assets within state controlled roads (eg Bass Highway) are maintained by DIER if within the median strip otherwise they are Council maintained.

Any problems with the Council's storm water systems, such as leaks from overflowing manholes or pipe blockages should be directed to Works and Services 6430 5700.

Property Connections

Property owners must maintain the drainage and service pipes on their property including the connection to Council drains.

If you need a blockage cleared or repairs to your house drainage connection, you can contact a registered plumber.

Location plans for Council house drainage connections are available from the Customer Services for a fee.

Runoff from Neighboring Properties

In general, your neighbour is responsible for controlling storm water runoff from their property. Water flowing from hard surfaces, such as paving or roofing, should be collected and discharged in an approved manner.

Your neighbour is not responsible for controlling runoff from natural surfaces, such as grassed or treed areas.  However any excess water flows coming from a property due to significant landscaping works must also be controlled.

Any issues arising from neighbouring properties need to be resolved between the adjoining property owners and not Council.

Stormwater Quality Projects

Stormwater is water from rain or runoff that enters the drainage system. Stormwater carries with it a wide range of pollutants, including sediment, oil, hydrocarbons and litter, which are a cause of pollution in our rivers, creeks, lakes and oceans. 

Stormwater pollutants originate from many different sources ranging from fuel and oil from our roads, to litter dropped on our streets and sediment from building sites.

Improving stormwater quality is a long-term process that involves educating residents and businesses about preventing stormwater pollution at its source and treating stormwater before it enters our waterways. 

We can all do simple things to reduce stormwater pollution, such as picking up litter and preventing spills on our properties and in our workplaces.

Council is committed to reducing contaminants entering Council's storm water drains and discharging into local waterways through a number of storm water quality improvement initiatives.

Included in the BCC 10year Capital Budget are:

  • Gully Pit Improvements Program
  • Kerb Outfall Replacement Program
  • Manholes/Mains Replacement Program
  • Stormwater Drainage Connection Program
  • Flood Study Implementation
  • Waterway Remediation works


For connection plans, more information, or to report a blockage within a Council main, call (03) 6430 5700.

For location details of underground storm water pipes make a free “DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG” enquiry online at or call 1100 during business hours.