Waste Tokens

Every property in Burnie will now have received Eight Tokens attached rates notices either via mail or electronically if using BPAY View

There are four general waste and four greenwaste tokens which can be used anytime within the financial year.

The free waste tokens have been introduced to encourage the community to dispose of unwanted larger household items they have lying around home that don’t fit in the regular kerbside collection.

Each token can only be used once and allows a free visit for a car, van, ute and/or small trailer (loads must be less than three cubic metres).

All residential waste items are accepted with the General Waste Tokens - except chemicals and asbestos. 
Maximum of 2 car tyres for free per token, additional tyres will incur a fee.
Mattresses will be accepted for free with token so long as the overall load is less than three cubic metres.

The Token from your  Rates Notice  must be handed over at the tollbooth

The barcode on the waste tokens will be scanned at the tollbooth to record each visit.

Landlords are encouraged to pass on the tokens to their tenants. For questions regarding your tokens call Council on 6430 5700.

Click here for the
 Opening Hours of the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Centre. 







What types of waste can I bring in?

Any residential type wastes can be brought in with use of the Token, including:
- broken Furniture, Electrical Appliances, Mattresses,
- Garden Waste, Soils, Concrete
- up to 2 Car Tyres
- up to 4 Electronic Devices


Is there a limit to how much waste I can bring in?

Yes only one car, van, ute and/or small trailer load of residential waste can be deposited per token. 

Loads must be less than three (3) cubic metres, otherwise an additional fee will be charged.


I am Renting, am I able to use the free waste Token for the property I am in?

Please contact your Property Manager to see if the Owner is able to give you the Token to use.

The Free waste tokens are intended for all Burnie residents.

Landlords are encouraged to pass the green waste tokens onto their tenants.

If you are a renter and you are responsible for the up keep of the property, we urge you to speak to your landlord , who we hope will pass on these tokens to you.


Can I bring in Items to recycle?


Take a quick look at this  Recovery Loop Map   to see where to deposit your Recyclables. 

This includes Cardboard, Glass Bottles, Cans, Clothing, eWaste, Oils (engine and cooking), Car Batteries, Gas Bottles.

We also have skips or stockpiles for Greenwaste, Concrete, Timber, Tyres, Steel and Refrigerators.


Would the TipShop be interested in my old furniture and kitchenware?

If it is in good saleable condition, and the tip shop has space to display them,

yes please offer them to the Tip Shop first

There are some items such as old TV's that there are unfortunately just no buyers for, please call the Tip Shop on 6430 5865 first to confirm. 

Please do not be disappointed if the Tip shop is unable to accept your loved item - there are other charity organisations that will gratefully rehome them for you (see Charity Shops in Burnie Region - yellow pages)


How do I work out if I have less than 3 cubic Meters?

Generally most car boot loads (including those with seats down) will be less than 3.0 cubic meters.

For Utes and Trailers: Multiply the 'length x width x height' to calculate the volume for your waste load.

eg. for a 6x4" Box Trailer 1.8m x 1.2m x 1.4m high = 3 cubic metres which is fine.

Here are the allowable waste heights for two other common sized trailers:

Small Box or Cage Trailers (7 x 4 ft)
2.1m x 1.2m x 1.2m high = 3 cubic metres

Large/Tandam Trailer (9 x 5 ft)
2.7m x 1.5m x 0.75m high = 3 cubic metres


What if I bring in more than
3 cubic meters?

The Tokens are to be used for standard sized residential loads only.

Over 3m3 - weighbridge rates only - tokens cannot be used.


Can I bring in more than two (2) Tyres?

Only two (2) standard car tyres are included for Free with your Token, 

A fee will be charged for each additional tyre according to the waste Fees and Charges - click here for more information. 


Can I bring in old Computers or TV's?

Only four (4) electronic items per load are included for Free with your Token,

A fee will be charged for each additional electronic device, according to the waste Fees and Charges - click here for more information. 


Too good to throw away?

Here are a few easy ideas on how to find a new home for your items.....for free!


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