Kerbside Recycling Collection

Rethink,  Reduce,  Reuse, then finally  Recycle.
Separating recyclable materials from your household waste stream
reduces waste to landfill, uses less energy and protects the environment.

As part of the Regional Cradle Coast Kerbside Collection,
Recyclables are collected once a fortnight by Veolia (6427 4646) 
on the same  Street Collection Days as your waste.   

Is it Recycle week this week or next? Make note if recycling is picked up on your 'on-pay' week or 'off-pay' week, that makes it easier to remember!  Burnie Kerbside Recycling Calendar

Materials are then separated at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Spreyton. To see how sorting occurs at a Materials Recycling Facility take a look at these Videos:

Bin Placement

Place your recycling wheelie bin at the kerbside 1-metre away from your waste wheelie bin prior to 6.00am on your day of collection.

Do not place bins near trees, power poles or other obstacles. Do not place bins behind cars.

Recyclable Materials

 - Check the Diagram on your Yellow Lid

It is important only recycling materials that can be handled and recovered at the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) are be placed in these bins. Trucks have close circuit cameras to monitor bin loads as they are emptied. Penalties may apply for incorrect use.  Other recyclables that are not handled by the MRF can be taken to the Burnie Waste Management and Resource Recovery Centre. We encourage all Green Waste to be mulched and Organics to be Recycled at Home.

The recyclables that can be placed in your bin are shown in the pictures below, or download the helpful Information Brochures from
Rethink Waste Tasmania

 Need Help with your Kerbside Recycling? 
 take a look at these Waste and Recycling Fact sheets!

 Recyclables that can be placed in your bin

(Photos Courtesy of Sustainability Victoria)

Service Eligibility

All households within the recycling collection area who are paying the annual recycling fee in their rates are supplied with a 240L wheelie bin with a Yellow Lid.

If you are moving into a dwelling that has been recently constructed, and are ready for your recycling bin, please contact Veolia on 6427 4646 or fill in the  New Recycling Service form

Each wheelie bin has a serial number that is recorded against the property it was delivered to.

They remain the property of the Regional Waste Management Group, but it is your responsibility to take care of it.

Should you relocate, please leave the wheelie bin at the property. 

Lost Damaged or Stolen Bins

If you have just moved in to a property and the wheelie bin is missing please contact your property manager or the previous owner to return the bin.

To purchase a replacement please complete the following:   Kerbside Recycling Bin Replacement Form and return to Council Office with Payment.

Should the wheelie bin be damaged please contact Veolia on 6427 4646.

Commercial and Businesses 

Information on Commercial Recycling Arrangements in the CBD and outer Business Districts can be found here: Commercial Collections

Recycling Education

For further information on the latest Waste and Recycling best practices visit the Planet Ark - Recycling Near You and Rethink Waste Tasmania websites

In North West Tasmania Veolia Environmental Services operates a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF - "Merf") in Spreyton which sorts recyclable materials – paper, glass, metals and plastics. The recyclable material arrives from council collections and is sorted using mechanical conveyers and teams of sorters who identify and remove potential contaminants. The sorted recyclables are then forwarded on to a number of material recyclers who convert the material back into usable products.    


Return completed applications in person, or by post to:
Works and Services -
Burnie City Council,
80 Wilson Street, Burnie.

Yellow Lid Recycling Bin

Information Brochure