Hardwaste Collection - November 2018


This service will allow residents who pay the compulsory Kerbside Waste Charge an opportunity to dispose of items that cannot be placed in the regular weekly collection.

Waste must comply with this list of acceptable items and be within the maximum disposal of 2m3.

Registrations are essential and will be accepted from 8 October to 6 November.

Please check if your home is on the collection routes

Plead read the Terms and Conditions and then Register using the form below.

Plead read the Terms and Conditions


If you require further information please contact us at the Waste Management Centre on 6430 5801 (Mon - Fri 8:30am to 3:00pm)


 tICK.png  Items must be placed out no later than 6am on collection day
 tICK.png  Items will be not be collected from within property boundaries or inside fences
 tICK.png  Maximum weights apply - two people must be able to safely lift each item
 tICK.png  Maximum lengths apply - items must not exceed 1.5m in length
 tICK.png  Maximum volumes apply – 2m3 per property, about the size of a dining table • Items that have a door, e.g. cupboards, fridges and washing machines, must have the doors removed and placed neatly beside the item

No hazardous or prohibited items may be left out for collection. Items that will not be collected include:
  • asbestos
  • batteries
  • biological waste
  • bricks
  • broken glass
  • chemicals including herbicides and pesticides
  • concrete
  • domestic waste
  • food or items that will decay fuels (including empty drums)
  • gas cylinders
  • green waste (including tree branches, tree stumps and lawn clippings)
  • liquids (including paint, chemicals and oils)
  • loose rubble (including bricks)
  • nappies
  • soil
  • tyres and engine blocks