Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges relating to Waste and Recycling Collections and Waste Management Centre Disposal Fees.

Charges for the 2017/18 Financial Year -


Service Charges + Collections

 Municipal Waste Charge - all properties
  8-Tokens (4 Waste, 4 Green Loads), Street/Roadside Cleaning, Public bins,
  Litter, Resource Recovery Initiatives, Education/Tours/Communications.
 Kerbside Waste -  Urban and some Rural serviced areas (weekly) $218.00 
 Kerbside Recycling - within serviced area (fortnightly) $73.00 

Total Rated Service Charges
  (For those within Waste and Recycling Serviced areas)

Additional Commercial Kerbside Waste (each bin, each day) $11.00  
Replacement Recycling Bin $77.00  

Waste Centre

Mixed Wastes
 Household Waste - Charges are based on Waste Load Size
     under 0.5m3  (eg Cars/Station Wagons - seats up)  $9.00  
     under 1.0m3  (eg SUV, Twin Cab Utes)  $17.00  
     under 2.0m3  (eg Vans, Utes, Small Trailers)  $19.00  
     under 3.0m3  (eg Large Trailers)  $47.00  
 Waste - Commercial & other loads > 3.0m (t) $134.00  
 Soils - Mixed types (clays, sands, gravel and mixes) as per above fee structure  
 Asbestos  (small domestic quantities only,
                  appropriately wrapped up to 10 m2)
 $ 33.00  
 Mattresses $6.00  
Separated Non-Landfill Loads
 Concrete - Separated Clean (t) $38.00  
 Bricks, Masonry, Asphalt, Gravel, Rock - Separated Clean $38.00  
 Timber - Separated Untreated Clean (t) $38.00  
 Green Waste 
    under 0.5m3  (eg Cars/Station Wagons - seats up)  $4.50  
    under 1.0m3  (eg SUV, Twin Cab Utes)  $8.50  
    under 2.0m3  (eg Vans, Utes, Small Trailers)  $9.50  
    under 3.0m3  (eg Large Trailers)  $23.50  

  Separated - Loads greater than 3m3


$8.00 per m3 
  - Car & Motorcycle (each) $7.00  
  - Light Truck & 4WD (each) $19.00  
  - Truck (each) $25.00  
Additional Fees for Tyres on Rims $4.00  
Electronic Waste - Domestic 4 free items per visit  
Electronic Waste - Commercial (kg) $4.00  
Recyclables FREE  
Steel, Car Bodies (Whole) FREE  


Waste Not Accepted

 Hazardous Waste & Chemicals (Level 3)
 Medical & Toxic Waste
 Contaminated Soils
 Tyres Larger than Truck