Burnie Waste Transfer and Resource Recovery Facility (WTRRF)

 Map: 289 Mooreville Road, Mooreville

The Burnie Waste Management Centre is open seven (7) days a week.

  • Monday to Friday - 9 am to 4 pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays - 10 am to 2 pm 
  • The centre is closed on Christmas Day, Good Friday & ANZAC day

The Burnie Waste Management Centre includes

  • Recycling area where recyclable items can be dropped off for FREE 
  • Tip Shop for drop off and purchase of Reusable Items
  • E-Waste bins for electronic equipment including mobile phones, TV's, computers and monitors.
  • Green Waste stockpile where you can use your Green Waste Vouchers.
  • Stockpiles for building and demolition re-use materials including scrap steel, timber, concrete/brick/masonry/asphalt and soils/rock.
  • Waste Transfer and Resource Recovery Facility where residual waste can be dropped off for a disposal fee.

The Toll Booth

The toll-booth operator provides advice on materials suitable for recycling and the options for waste disposal.  The operator records your load and directs you to the appropriate area.

For further information on the services provided at the waste centre call the Toll Booth on 6430 5834.

Recycling Area

Burnie Waste Management Centre - 289 Mooreville Road

Here you can drop off recyclables and paper / cardboard for FREE.

  • Paper / Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Cans (Aluminium and Steel)
  • Milk and Juice cartons (liquid paperboard)
  • Hard Plastics
  • Plastic Bags - clean, collected in a special wheelie bin.
  • Clothing
  • Car Batteries
  • Gas Bottles
  • Waste Oils (engine and commercial/industrial cooking) 

Refer to this map for disposal points.

For enquiries into School Tours of the Recycle Loop please call Council Toll booth on 6430 5834.

We actively promote local, state and national Waste Reduction & Resource Recovery Initiatives,

Tip Shop - 6430 5865

Now open 7 days per week for donations and shopping

Monday to Friday - 9 am to 4 pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays - 10 am to 2 pm 

Closed on Christmas Day, Good Friday & ANZAC day

Donations of goods that may be useful to others are very welcome.  This includes but is not limited to;

  • working electrical items (no Tv's or Computers sorry)
  • reusable bric-a-brac
  • furniture and furnishings
  • mattresses (if they are in very good condition)
  • clean manchester
  • building materials and tools
  • plumbing fixtures (basins, taps, joiners, baths etc)
  • doors and windows
  • light fittings, door handles and similar hardware
  • toys and games
  • stationery
  • left over paint
  • gardening tools, working lawnmowers and plant pots
  • books
  • artwork, craft items and collectibles

If you have something that is not on the list that might be of value to someone else please call 6430 5865 and ask the staff.  The Burnie Tip Shop provides the public with an excellent means of disposing of their unwanted items, or purchasing recovered items at great prices.  Don't forget "One person's Trash is another's Treasure".

Also free disposal boxes for Nespresso coffee pods, mobile phones and printer cartridges are located within the Tip Shop or City Offices.

Electronic Waste (eWaste)

Computers, Monitors, TVs and accessories can be deposited in a designated e-Waste area for recycling – limit four items per visit.

Mobile Phones, batteries and accessories can be disposed of at the Tip Shop or City Offices for FREE through the Mobile Muster program.  Alternatively Post them in using MobileMuster's reply paid mailing label. Please package the mobile phones, batteries and chargers in a box as per the packaging instructions on the Mobile Muster website.

Printer Cartriges can be disposed of for FREE at the Tip Shop or City Offices.  Other drop off locations include: Australia Post, Dick Smith, Harvey Norman.   http://recyclingnearyou.com.au/cartridges/BurnieTAS.  For Offices that would need their own collection both Australian Laser Charge Replas (Big Yellow Box) and Planet Ark offer boxes for free collection.

Fluro Tubes can be recycled through Ezy-Return™ reply-paid lamp recycling packs. You simply purchase the box from a local electrical retail shop like Rexel or online http://www.lamprecyclers.com.au/order.aspx, fill the pack(s) and then lodge them (reply paid) at any Australia Post outlet/agent.

Batteries - Dry Cells including Primary (non-rechargeable, mostly alkaline batteries containing zinc and manganese) and Secondary (nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride or lithium ion).  Can be recycled through reply-paid recycling packs from: TPI Cleanaway 13 13 39 online or SITA 13 13 35 online.    

Green Waste Area

All green waste can be deposited in the destination area. It is chipped onsite and transported for composting / pasteurizing before it is suitable to be used as mulch. 

 The Dulverton Organic Compost Facility creates a Premium Organic Compost from a wide range of Organic wastes, including green waste from NW Councils. This Compost it is available to purchase from local plant nurseries.

Don't forget to present your green waste voucher at the toll-booth. The toll booth operator will request the number of token required for the value of your load. You will be required to pay the balance if your load is more than your remaining tokens.

Take care not to dispose green waste contaminated with general rubbish such as plastic bags, drink containers, rope etc. or you may incur a waste disposal fee.

please help us to keep the green waste contamination free

What IS accepted as green waste   What is NOT accepted as green waste

- Lawn Clippings
- Leaves
- Plants
- Limbs & Branches <300mm

- wide leaf grasses (Flax, Cordyline, Phormium, Yucca)
- declared weeds (Gorse, Ragwort, Broom, Blackberry )
- stumps and limbs greater than 300mm in diameter
- plastic bags, rope, metals or general rubbish

Other organic waste such as food scraps can be reduced from landfill by composting at home.

Non-landfill Stockpiles

Dispose hard waste materials at the re-use stockpiles:

  • Clean Untreated Timber
  • Concrete, Bricks/Masonry, Asphalt, Gravel/Rock

Note: no scavenging is allowed

Waste Transfer and Resource Recovery Facility (WTRRF)

Collection skips are available for other re-use materials such as timber, steel, tyres, and eWaste.

Anything that can no longer be separated for re-use or recycling can then be unloaded onto the floor of the large shed for final sorting before being transferred to landfill.

Traffic circulation is one way as shown in the plan below.  Please observe keep left signage and use the roundabout safely. 


Asbestos and other restricted wastes

Restrictions apply to certain wastes, including bio-hazardous wastes, asbestos, liquids and toxic wastes.

Asbestos Disposal Options - In the interest of health and safety, No Asbestos containing materials are to be deposited within the transfer shed, please call 6430 5834 for advice on the disposal options available in the region.  Householders are assisted with appropriate disposal of small wrapped quantities in some instances, please call to understand the hazards and wrapping requirements before handling. 

Asbestos is not accepted onsite without prior registration -
before you bring,
please ring the Toll Booth at the Waste Management Centre on 6430 5834.

For information regarding Asbestos Safety and Removal from WorkSafe Tasmania:  Safety subjects - Asbestos including a list of current Tasmanian Licensed removalists

For useful information to enable householders to sensibly and safely manage the risks arising from any occasional encounters with asbestos materials in and around their homes read the DHH publication:  Asbestos: A guide for householders and the general public - 2013.

For specific requirements for the transport and disposal of asbestos at the Burnie Waste Management Center
please read the Asbestos Disposal Guidelines within The Refuse Collection and Waste Management By-Law.

For enquiries regarding acceptable waste,
or to register asbestos for disposal 
call the Toll Booth at the Waste Management Centre on 6430 5834.


We actively promote local, state and national Waste Reduction & Resource Recovery Initiatives,


drumMUSTER is the National program that has been set up for the collection and recycling of cleaned eligible non returnable crop production and on-farm animal health chemical containers. More information about the program can be found at www.drummuster.com.au/

First Wednesday of each month,  Pre-registration is required.


Farm Chemicals - collecting unwanted agricultural and veterinary chemicals for safe recycling and disposal. There is a great opportunity to dispose of any unwanted and unknown ag and vet chemicals via the ChemClear program - Register your chemicals with ChemClear by calling 1800 008 182.

The kinds of ag and vet chemicals we collect are used by farmers, rural retail stores, veterinary practices, councils, agricultural business such as aerial and ground spray contractors, golf courses, turf managers and councils just to name a few. There are many industries that use ag and vet type chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides that have limited access to a regular disposal service.  There are two classifications of farm chemicals - Group 1 and Group 2. A fee for disposal applies to Group 2 products which may include chemicals such as Dieldrin, DDT, 2-4-D or Arsenic. More information is available from the ChemClear registration line or visit http://www.chemclear.com.au/.