Recycling and Waste

Service excellence and innovation are core values at Burnie City Council.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle in BurnieOur goal is to manage recycling and waste services to meet the needs of the community for a healthy and sustainable environment.

We provide kerbside collections of domestic waste and recyclablescommercial waste and cardboard (CBD & Outer business areas).

The Waste Management Centre includes a recycling loop, tip shop, re-use stockpiles and Waste Transfer and Resource recovery Facility (WTRRF). Some items can be disposed of for free, others may incur disposal fees.

Our drivers are to reduce waste to landfill to maximise its life and to deliver best practice in collection, recovery and disposal systems.

The 2013-2017 Burnie Waste Management Strategy is a 4 year action plan to reduce waste so that we can maximise the life of the landfill. The Waste Collection and Waste Management By-Law regulates the storage, collection and disposal of refuse in the City of Burnie.

We are an active member of the Cradle Coast Waste Management Group and participate in actions from the Regional Waste Management Strategy.  For more information on the Cradle Coast Authority visit the website: We encourage visitors and residents to thoughtfully dispose of their waste and to report to the EPA any instances of Illegal Dumping or Littering.

State-wide Rethink Waste Tasmania website - encouraging Tasmanians to rethink what we do with our waste at home, at school, in the workplace and when out and about.

We encourage all Green Waste to be mulched and Organics to be Recycled at Home.

For further information on the latest Waste and Recycling best practices visit the Planet Ark - Recycling Near You website or Download the flyer to find out what happens to each of our Recyclables.


Waste Best Practices

– Every Material is a Resource!


  • do I really Need it?
  • do I need to Purchase New - Can I Swap, Borrow, Use Something Else

REDUCE waste at source

  • buy items with less packaging, choose items that will last longer and can be used over again
  • compost food scraps and lawn clippings at home

REUSE unwanted or discarded items

  • think about reuse – what else can be done with this item?
  • visit the Tip Shop , garage sales and reuse shops


  • separate recyclables from waste
  • put them in your yellow lid bin or take to a recycling centre


  • Waste-to-Energy Technology 

RESPONSIBLE DISPOSAL of residual waste

  • residual waste is the bit left over after you have reduced, reused and recycled
  • place it in your waste wheelie bin or take it to the waste centre

We practice what we preach. The Burnie Waste Management Strategy is a action plan to reduce waste so that we can minimise the amount of waste going to landfill.


Service Information

Should you have any problems or require further information relating to:

  • wheelie bin not collected
  • lost or damaged wheelie bin
  • difficulty in using a wheelie bin due to site difficulties, age or physical disability
  • or any aspect of our recycling and waste services

please call Council's Customer Service desk on 6430 5700 or visit the City Offices at 80 Wilson Street, Burnie.

To report a pollution and environmental incident: (eg Illegal Dumping)

Telephone: 1800 005 172 (free-call number 24-hours a day)

To report a Littering Offence:

Telephone: 1300 135 513 Or lodge a report online.